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Sampling CDs - Sly Dunbar

Sly Dunbar Sampling CDSly Dunbar needs no introduction, he is one of the world's greatest drummers. For years he has set new standards for dance music using his unique blend of Reggae, Funk and Hip Hop with his longtime associate Robbie Shakespeare. Dubbed the Riddim Twins, Sly and Robbie pioneered the fusion of Hip Hop and Reggae that is today taking the charts by storm - Dancehall Reggae has left a trail of music rich in rhythm and bass. Sly plays the numerous styles of Reggae and Ska, then opens the vault to his Dancehall grooves, which can only be described as a sonic hurricane.

150 impossible-to-get Dancehall Loops

This CD is a chronology of the past, present and future of Reggae music. Included are 150 otherwise impossible-to-get Dancehall loops by Sly for hits including Shabba Ranks, Maxi Priest, Chaka Demus & Pliers, Apache Indian, Snow, Cutty Ranks, Black Uhuru, Yellowman, Gregory Isaacs.

" Reggae DrumSplash is Hands down the Reggae groove package on the planet, for a couple of reasons. "

- Keyboard USA, 4 out of 4

In this CD Ernest Cholakis extracts the feel of one of the world's great Reggae drummers from the original acoustic sessions recorded in Jamaica at the Mixing Lab. The results are high quality midi files that accurately capture the groove of the drummer and accompanying DNA Groove Template files for transferring Sly's feel to other midi instruments. These files are included in both Mac and PC format.

Remastered Version

This 2 CD Rom Set contains 843 Drum Loops, 274 Samples, 525 Midi Files and over 1000 DNA Groove Templates (Cakewalk, Performer, Logic & Cubase read these DNA Groove Templates).

A new 40 page external user manual is also included that includes information on Sly Dunbar's discography, detailed information about the accompanying DNA Groove Templates as well as a comprehensive listing of drum loop parameters.

Major Enhancements

This Reggae Classic (the best selling reggae sampling CD ever) has been enhanced in six major ways so that contemporary computer based musicians can efficiently access the full potential of these remarkable performances.

The tempo of all the loops in each tracks have been standardized (except DanceHall loops) to the exact same length. The tempos are now all integer value like 96 BPM no more 95.35. These loops set a new standard in precision for acoustic drum loops by having tempo accurate to less than 50 millionth of a second of the listed value.

All the loops are now available in Mac and PC format with the loop points in each sound file for fast import into any currents sequencers and loop based programs such as Acid or Sonar. The audio CD includes all the drum samples and intros in Mac SDII format and in PC Wav format for fast access into any digital audio workstation.

All the loops have been given a custom EQ (a different EQ for each of the 800 plus loops) so that you can now hear with added clarity Sly's HiHat work and powerful Kick. The bottom end has been shaped so that it will sound solid on any size speaker.

The drum samples has also been upgraded by removing excess ambience. This give the user much more versatility by letting him/her placing these reggae/dancehall/Bhangra(Indian Percussion) samples in any mix without any additional "ambience" baggage.

Listen to Sample

Purchase Sly Dunbar Sampling CD

Audio Version $ 99 (US)
Mac & PC Versions $ 150 (US)
Akai & Giga Sampler Versions $ 199 (US)

For further information contact Ernest Cholakis.